Enhance Your Off-Road Experience With The Top UTV Maintenance Tips!

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While many of you might love to go on off-roading expeditions at least once a week, you must know everything about UTV, also known as utility terrain vehicles, utility task vehicles, or simply utility vehicles. Many times UTV is often referred to by most riders or travelers as a side-by-side. Whether you need to hop onto a job site or haul equipment urgently when off-road, having UTV parts can be a game-changer and serve as a recreational vehicle to experience fun and enjoy your off-roading journey.

If you have already invested in a UTV part, say a Polaris RZR secondary battery kit, you know how useful they can be. 

Valuable Tips To Get Rid of All Your UTV Maintenance Issues!

If you have recently purchased the different UTV parts, such as a Polaris RZR secondary battery kit, single-seat kit, or street legal kit, you wouldn't want to face any maintenance issues. UTV owners should prioritize fulfilling their UTV service needs at all costs. You will want to ensure that your UTV works properly for a long time and helps get your job done. Recreational and job orientated riders please continue reading the helpful maintenance tips below.  

  1. Check Your Oil & Air Filter Before Every Ride

Regularly changing the oil and oil filter of your UTV is essential for ensuring longevity. Avoid overfilling your UTV with oil since it may blow out the excess making a mess or damaging the engine seals. Dirty oil is caused by long oil change intervals and dirty air filters leaking dirt past the filter and entering the engine. UTV air filters will often leak by when they get plugged by fine dirt causing premature engine wear and damage. Check the downstream side of the filter for evidence of dust leaking by. Replace the air filter if in doubt about its ability to block dust entering your engine.

  1. Don't Forget to Check the Coolant Level

Keep a close eye on the coolant level to prevent engine overheating. Although you need not check before every ride, ensure that you check the coolant regularly. Also, when checking if the coolant is in good shape or not, inspect the lines and fittings. The radiator caps of your UTVs should also be protected from any breaks or cracks to maintain the coolant's consistent flow to your engine. Effective maintenance of your UTVs cooling system will assist you in extending its engine life by ten times. 

  1. Keep Your Battery Well-Maintained

The most common mistake most UTV owners make is they often neglect to look after the maintenance of their batteries. Especially in winter, individuals tend to leave their batteries in storage for a long time which often disrupts their functioning and affects their long life. Trickle charge your UTVs battery when in storage. To ensure the longevity of batteries, inspect for corrosion around the terminals and look out for the low electrolyte levels in your unsealed batteries. 

  1. Keep Your Transmission Well-Maintained (Clutch)

Check your UTV Transmission for dirt and wear. Constant Velocity Transmissions (CVT) found in UTVs are susceptible to dirt entering them and causing them to stick. Blow your transmission out with air if your clutch is sticking in gear. Replace the CVT Belt while you are doing clutch maintenance. CVT belts are only good for a limited amount of miles. A belt can disintegrate causing clutch housing damage. Changing your belt every 1000-1500 miles will minimize downtime while riding. 

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