Tensor SS Sand Tire and Rally Wheel Review on Pro R 2 Seater Ultimate

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I just finished a test at Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Utah.

Conditions, warm and mostly dry sand (perfect)

Machine is 2023 Pro R Ultimate Azure blue. Completely stock.

Tires 33x 13R15 (about 30lbs) and 33x11x15 (about 24lbs) at 10 psi






 Wheels are Pro Armor Rally 15x7 (6+1) and 15x10 (5+5) About 17lbs each




Pro Armor Rally 5 15x7 (5-Lug) - Polaris - Pro-R - Turbo RPro Armor Rally 5 Deep Offset 15x10 (5-Lug) Pro R, Pro R4, Turbo R & Turbo R4


Nitty gritty details.
First ride on the Pro R since the rear diff blew out at 15 miles. I am not sure what to expect since the last time out at Sand Hollow the machine's rear diff cratered. My riding partners are well seasoned sand riders with hot X3 machines. One of them is running a Stage 4 AA tune with 100 leaded. He is fast and his dad has the fastest stock 2021 RR in town. Both on CST Sandblast tires that have outrun everthing so far at these dunes. These guys are my customers and I feel a little intimidated because I am on their home turf with a new machine and new paddles and my motor is not broke in.

Their first move is to climb the biggest part of the face at Sand Mountain on the hardest line. I sat at the bottom and watched. Hmmmm. Not sure I want to risk cratering the motor right off the bat. Definitely need all you got and a little more to get up the hill. I am remembering all the talk in the shop about the 33" tall paddles being too big. These are really huge paddles. The fronts are a full inch or two taller than the rear. The carcass on the rear measures 32' and the paddles are about 7/8" with a square pattern of block cast into them. They look fantastic and got a lot of attention. My question is how the well do they work?

Next up are big bowels on the back side. The road to them had rocks. Big rocks for a paddle to go over. The Tensors made it through without a flat. So new machine and trying to figure out what mode to run in because the Dynamic cars have all kinds of gizmos to make them work better? Finally settle on 4wd, comfort mode on the shocks and race setting on the throttle.

I am in the back sizing the situation up as I follow these dune rats thinking these guys are pretty fast. As I get the feel for the car I realize that the suspension on the Pro R is better than the X3's in front of me (bonus). Also figure out that I can out turn them and out accelerate them coming out of the corners because the Pro R has torque! Double bonus!! Straight line power when the X3's come on the power is very similar to the Pro R. Remember these X3's are juiced.

Now I can concentrate on the tire and wheel combo and evaluate them. The Tensors are predictable! I can slide when needed and hook hard under acceleration. Did I mention earlier that the Pro R turned better than the X3s? I think part of that is the Tensor front tires. The Pro R corners absolutely flat and is a beast on the dunes. The biggest transitions and G outs were a piece of cake because the Pro R never bottoms out. At least with my but in the seat. Maybe someone with bigger cahoonies or more talent could push it to the limit.

I started reeling those X3s in a little bit at a time and passed the one in front of me going around a corner. I hope doesn't think I am as asshole for passing him, but hell, this is fun. I am now on the lead X3's butt and eating sand. This sucks, so back off, pass, or keep eating. My smart half of the brain tells me to slow down and break the engine in. I hate breaking engines in. I slow and get back in the rear and wait for another day when I have a few miles on the car. I like this car and the tire and wheel combo. We put a lot of research into this setup and other than the wheels are butt ugly, I like the performance of the 6+1 front offset and 5+5 rear. The Pro R Ultimate at the dunes rates an A+. The Tensor Tire and Pro Armor wheel combo rate A+. If there is something better I want it. For now I am holding with this combo. Just so you know, I paid for the wheels and tires and neither company gave me anything. So this is an unbiased review. Pics coming soon of the car because I have not unloaded the trailer yet.

Looking for feedback from readers. Post up what your thinking guys.



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